Work environment

We provide a youthful, dynamic, and stimulating work environment that is both professional and easy-going. We strive to provide our employees with the latest technologies to enable them to achieve and even exceed their potential. Our inclusive and active pursuit of shared goals can be seen in our state-of-the-art facilities and attentiveness to each and every employment position.

Beneficial working conditions

We strive to be an employer of choice and provide our employees with fair and competitive working conditions in accordance with our values and aspirations. We look forward to discussing our employment benefit plan with you. Our recent upgrades to it enable us to stand out even more in the construction sector.

Work-life balance and healthy lifestyle choices

We strongly believe that work-life balance is crucial to our employees’ happiness. In our view, the happier our employees are, the more motivated and effective they are. We favour an objectives-oriented approach to work, thereby giving our employees more latitude to manage their time. In addition, we greatly encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. That is why we have made a fully equipped fitness room, conveniently located in the workplace, available to all personnel.

Our job offers


Immediate supervisor: Director of Assessment and President. Works closely with the administrative assistant, project managers and other assessors.

Carpenter – Joiner

Supérieur immédiat : directrice de projets et président. Travaille en coopération avec l’administration de projets contremaître et les autres charpentiers-menuisiers.

Accounting Assistant

Immediate supervisor, President and Vice President of Finance. Works in cooperation with the administrative assistants.

Project Manager

Immediate supervisor: Project Director and President. Works closely with
project administration, other project managers and assessors.

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